Resort Collection 2017…*Resort not included.

The Resort Collection is one of my favorite fashion collections (a close second to Fall/Winter). Before moving to Dallas, Resort collection has always been something I look out for because it is specifically created for people who live in warm weather year round (or really, really wealthy people who live 6 months up north and 6 months in the south)! Not sure if you knew or not…but Florida is pretty much HOT all year round, making the Resort Collection kind of the holy grail of the south! This cross -cultural style typically resembles relation, affluence, and an appreciation for nature and the great outdoors. The 2017 Resort trends are some of my favorite, and I’m so happy to see some of these trends back in stores!

Tie Dye

YES! YES! YES! This is one of the trends I was talking about when I said I’m so happy to see these trends back. As I may have expressed in the past… the 90’s are my FAVORITE style of dress…which is the last time we saw this trend. Tie dye is one of those things you either love or you hate, and I am SO here for it! This trend hasn’t completely hit the surface yet, (trust me, you will know when it goes mainstream) but now is the perfect time to see what side of the fence you’re on and be one of the first to rock the trend. (say DDG put you on)  Are you here for it or not?



Jacket: Phillip Lim





Ulla Johnson



So, to be completely honest… stripes have never really been my thing. Although lately I’ve had different reservations on the trend. Stripes definitely don’t need to be boring, (stay away from black and white stripes please) matter of fact with this years resort collection stripes are anything but. Mixing stripes with different patterns, and bold colors is the way to wear this trend.


Marco de Vincenzo




Alexander McQueen


Blazer Dress

Another trend we haven’t seen in quite sometime (1980 to be exact) is the blazer dress. I love this trend for its versatility!!! If you like a more relaxed over sized blazer with a simple pump will be a perfect look for you. If you want to look a little more sexy make sure you get a blazer dress with a silhouette that is a little more fitted, to create a classy/sexy look. This trend screams POWER for all of my fearless women out there!


Off- White


Magda Butrym




Maxi Hoops

Not to be confused with the typical summer trend, the maxi dress!!! Maxi hoop earrings is another trend of the summer! As many of you know…hoops used to be HUGE, not only in size but in popularity!!! (don’t act like you didn’t try and wear your hoops like our millennial sensation Christina Aguilera) Hoops can work in many different ways to give an outfit tons of different looks!






Khloe Kardashian


Chrissy Teigen


These are just a few of my favorite trends this Resort Collection, have fun mixing and matching, by adding your own favorites for a hot summer season! xoxo