This place sure knows how to PAK a PAO with your tastebuds!

With so many options of where to dine in Dallas, deciding on where to eat even for the most casual lunch can be a major dilemma for your girl. (you can only imagine how much that holds me up in the “getting ready department”) So in order to save time and relationships with loved ones I have decided to start tackling one district of Dallas at a time, starting with the Art District. This growing area of the city is soooooo underrated in my opinion.  Amongst new concept restaurants, yoga studios, and unique boutique shops, my best friend and I stumbled upon what might have been some of the best Thai food I’ve had EVER! (and Thai food is NOT something mama plays about)

Pakpao is directly behind another restaurant so its actually a little difficult to see it from the main street, but MAN I’m sure glad we did! Pakpao uses fresh and unique ingredients in combination with classic Thai dishes. Their craft cocktail menu is just as unique with drinks such as the Lychee Mojito and a selection of different “skinny options”. (for all my healthy drinkers) The decor is very tastefully done, giving the place modern chic vibes yet still keeping the place authentic. It was a nice day so naturally we sat outside. Received really good service, and even better food.



So upon arriving to the table…save your waiter some time and tell them a round of Chula-Rita’s for the table….just trust me on this. Pakpao has NAILED this signature drink!!!


This might be the easiest table this waiter has ever had…because i already got you covered on your appetizer. No need to look any further than the home made beef jerky! OH. MY. GOD. I have no other words.


The coconut chicken soup is DELISH!!! (uhhh so far everything i have tried here is nothing short of perfection) I would suggest getting the cup if you want to save room for dessert, as i made the mistake of getting the bowl and couldn’t even make it to the dessert page.


Big P.E.I.  steamed muscles in a Thai basil,chilli, and lemon grass broth. So yummy!!!


And for my FAVORITE out of the entire experience was the drunken noodles! Fresh, wide rice noodles with cherry tomatoes, beef, white onion, bell pepper, and a sweet savory sauce. Hands down the best item on the menu and I haven’t even tried everything!!! Definitely a must have!

Above is a casual version of what I would wear during the day, and the second picture is the most formal I would wear there. Its a pretty casual environment, but if you want to be versatile for the evening the second option would suit you best.