Birds of a feather…flock to fall fashion?

An important key to self confidence is preparation. Stay ready so you never have to get ready. Well, DDG is here to make sure you are ahead of the game! Although we don’t want to rush the summer months, the fashion world is always a step ahead. Fall trends are already out and ready to be rolled out into stores. One trend we are currently obsessing over is FEATHERS! Yes, like 1920 flapper style feathers! The last time we saw feathers was a couple years ago in haute couture.(or that trend in 2005, the feathered earnings) Not only are feathers making a comeback in ready-to- wear, but also street wear. Feathers are getting applied to cotton, leather, and newer fabrics, to give your look a more laid back/ daytime vibe, while still making you feel glamorous! And if your still unsure about the trend, start small with shoes or bags embellished with feathers. ¬†Guaranteed to make you feel like the fashion forward diva you are!







For those of you wanting to test the waters before jumping straight in, start with accessories. For a day time look pair your feathered shoes with a denim skirt and your favorite t-shirt, giving this look a fun twist and giving you total “clueless” vibes. Use the bag as a statement piece to a simple outfit, fit for day or night vibes.



Now for those who are ready to dive head first into the feather trend, let all of the above be your inspiration. For a more casual look i would take the top from the first picture pair it with some light denim, and a pair of open toed shoes. Try this look during the summer and be ahead of the trend! When its time to dress up go big or go home! The more elaborate the feathers the better. Make sure that when accessorizing, keep things simple, the feathers are already the statement, let em’ shine!