Comparison. The thief of joy.

Currently sitting at my computer trying to figure out my next blog post, and I get distracted and get on Instagram. As I’m scrolling through my feed I see these girls on yachts, with designer bags, or constantly out eating five star meals, and traveling, and I think to myself what the hell am I doing wrong? Why am I in my tiny apartment eating Chinese takeout leftovers instead of riding around in a bentley? What the heck do these girls do for a living? How could they possibly even hold a job when they are constantly in and out of the country?

Comparison will leave you frustrated and stuck. (Trust me, cause I was stuck on Instagram for an hour trying to figure out their lives.) Sure, comparison to some extent is manageable. Like if your out and you look at the next persons outfit and feel underdressed, but with social media comparing your life to the next persons can really weigh you down. We have been so concerned with creating this perfect digital world, that we often loose touch with reality. What we need to understand is that with social media we are able to idealize the positives in our lives, and shy away from the negatives. BUT THE NEGATIVES STILL EXSIST!!! No ones life is perfect. But why would we show the bad? The raw? The truth? The reason we struggle with insecurities is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.

Take my own Instagram for instance…all of my pictures are happy. Me, out doing things I love with the people I love. These moments are real, they all happened and they were all just as fun as they look!! But reality is, theres more to my life than those pictures. Theres the times when I’m super lazy and spend half of my morning contemplating life, there are the times where I put on sweats (always matching, cause thats just who I am) and throw my hair up…but why would I post those pictures? They are equally as much as who I am in the happy pictures, but I choose not to focus on those moments.

A couple tricks to help you quit comparing yourself to everyone:

  1. Take note of the harmful nature of comparison
  2. Become intimently aware of your own success
  3. Pursue the greater things in life ( some of the greatest things in life are hidden from sight)
  4.   Compete less, and appreciate more.
  5. GRATITUDE!!!!!
  6. Find inspiration without comparing
  7. Compare with yourself. Are you better than last year?

Remind yourself… NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!

   “There is no comparison with the sun and the moon, they both shine when it is their time”