10 ways to take control over your anxiety!


If you suffer from anxiety, I’m sure you have had someone tell you to “just get over it”. Anxiety is brain based, the brain can’t get over anxiety the way a heart can’t get over a cardiovascular disease.  Anxiety can strike at any given moment something triggers you.  Anxiety can be all encompassing, it can effect your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and can cause a person to stop dead in their tracks.( fight or flight) For me personally its when I’m walking through a crowd, trying to park my car in a busy parking lot, and the unknown, which seems to take up a lot of my life.**side story, I used to have anxiety so bad that the second we pulled up to a crowded bar or restaurant i would sit in the car for another 20 minutes “primping” before walking in so I could talk myself into going in.** Being aware at what gives you anxiety is the first step in overcoming it. I have to admit, I really used to let anxiety get the best of me, but as soon as I learned some tricks to talk my way out of it, I’ve had wayyyyyy fewer anxiety attacks because I can spot them from a mile away!

1.Meditation! This has really helped me avoid having anxiety. Meditation can come in many forms. Personally I like to meditate 15 minutes every morning while using the app Headspace. It gives you different guided meditations based on what you feel the need to work on that day. But meditation can also be done on the go. Just closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing, can really do wonders for your anxiety in public places.


2. Exercise!!!!! This might be the number one thing on this list that helps my anxiety on the long term spectrum of things. I can feel the difference in my moods and energy levels on the days I workout and the days I don’t.


3. Attacking situations head on!!!! Anxiety has this bad habit of allowing you to put all of your problems to the side because it seems to overwhelming. But that only adds fuel to the fire. By tackling your problems head first it can help to avoid the pent up stress.  Pin point the issues that are causing you to stress and fix them. Always remember  WE HAVE CONTROL OVER HOW WE RESPOND TO OUR PROBLEMS!!! A counselor or good friend might be able to help you with this.

4. Try alternative healing such as, chiropractor, acupuncture, massages, ect. By doing something new to physically care for our bodies can give us the confidence we need in overcoming our anxiety.


5. Practice affirmations. Every morning keep a log of 10 things you are grateful for. Write them down, no matter how big or small, and read them to yourself. I also write post it notes with my favorite quotes or my own personal affirmations and post them on my bathroom mirror so I’m sure to read them a couple times a day.


6.Create small routines. I for one get anxiety if I have to much routine, but some routine such as your eating and sleeping patterns can really help steady your mind, while also feeds confidence to your emotions, which in turn makes you feel more in control.

7. Spend time with people! Nothing helps more than a really good belly aching laugh!! Talking with others and seeing that a lot of our fears are similar can help clear some of the smoke. Your never alone in this!


8. Go for walks! This is MAJOR KEY for me!!!! Anyone who knows me knows, when I’m stressed or having anxiety i need to take a lap…or 10. The biology of “fear” makes a person want to do something ( fight or flight) so walking helps to release some of that fear.

9. Talk to yourself in the mirror. This is called tratak meditation. It helps build trust in yourself. Do this when you are calm to prevent anxiety and panic.



10. BELIVE IN YOURSELF!!!!! Most of all remember that you are in control of your thoughts and actions. You can make a situation negative or positive. It is all up to choice!


Anxiety can be rough on yourself and for the people around you. The more you practice the above steps the less anxiety you will see. GUARANTEED! Although you cannot simply ” just get over it” you can work on it everyday, and take control of it as soon as it starts to creep around.

   “Today i will not stress over what i     cannot control”