Deep Elm’s New Kid on the Block!

Every time I look up there is a new spot popping up here in Dallas. New bar, new club,and (particularly my favorite) new restaurants!! Deep Ellum is one of my favorite parts of Dallas to go out,its laid back atmoshpere, tons of different art on the walls and tons of different bars, clubs, restaurants and shops to choose from, and constantly growing! One of the newest hot spots is Harlowe MXM. (the owners chose the name after their FrenchBulldog and the cross streets Malcolm X and Main st…I like em’ already) Securing a hefty chunk of the block, this place has all the potential to be not only Deep Ellums new go to place, but all of Dallas. The first floor offers full service luxe dinning inside and outside seating, the rooftop bar complete with sofas, communal tables, and a view of the Dallas skyline. And lastly (yes, theres more) a cocktail bar, Trick Pony gives diners a chance to have a night cap.

As soon as we walked in we saw the rest of our party, and headed straight for them, but not before being screamed at by the host that we must walk around to the other side to enter the bar. When we told her we were here to eat and not just to drink her demeanor changed. She apologized for being so abrasive and I damn sure wasn’t about to allow that spoil the girl’s night I was about to have. The decor was very industrial chic, with potted plants hanging from a shelf above, and steel chairs and tables. Minimalistic with just enough artwork this place definitely had the decorating down! I almost forgot that I wasn’t in SOHO New York, until the Dallas Housewives walked in the door. Literally, a reality check.

The cocktail menu was very well thought out with inspiration from Bill Murray films, such as Coffee and Cigarettes ( a tequila and cold brew cocktail served with a housemaid candy cigarette), the Groundhog Day (bartenders choice served three times) or the lost in translation ( Japanese whiskey, fortified wine, mushroom demerara.) All a little offbeat, just like their muse. The dinner menu is available in all parts of the restaurant, except the rooftop where they offer a partial menu. With a focus on wood-fired meats, and seafood, the menu was small with daily specials offered by the server. As per usual we all ordered our own dishes with intentions of sharing with one another. I ordered one of the off menu specials, the tile fish served with sautéed veggies, half chicken served with charred vegetables, and dressed water cress, oysters (which we sent back twice: once because they weren’t cooked well enough and the second time because we realized they just weren’t for us) and a tempura butternut squash salad. Everything was exceptional, the server alerted the manager that we were less than pleased with the oysters and she graciously came by the table and asked if there was anything else we would like to substitute. (good move Harlowe)



Harlowe is the place to show up in that trendy piece you’ve been dying to bust out! I wore high waisted denim, with a laced up white blouse (half tucked in), mauve booties, and a snakeskin clutch. People were dressed in everything from little black dresses, to classic denim and heels. But just about everyone was dressed to impress. (Although the rooftop patio was a bit more casual than the rest of the compound) Good looking people, from just about all ages, this place is definitely on to something!

Best pic I could get after a few of Bill Murrary’s cocktails!


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