10 styling tips that can make some of your existing clothes look new!

Ever look at your favorite blogger, or Kim K and see how her jacket is perfectly cascading off her shoulders? Or how your favorite celebrity has that perfect disheveled look, and your wondering “how the hell do they look so cute while rushing through the city with coffee in hand?” Well, I used to scroll down my Instagram feed and  wonder myself until I realized… their doing this on purpose. That denim jacket hanging off her shoulder was placed like that. That shirt half tucked in, yea that didn’t happen in the frenzy of rushing to work. That was strategically tucked, giving her effortlessly chic vibes. This is what gives your outfits that extra UMPF. This is called styling.

There are many different ways to have style, and what I love most about fashion is that many people have their own take on some of the same pieces. My roommate has worn some of my clothes and I’m like “ damn I would have never thought to wear it like that..” and that my friends, is the best part! You can wear a lot of the same pieces and just work with them differently, to create an ENTIRE different look.

Tip Number 1.

If you want to have longer looking legs, match your pants to the color shoe you are wearing!


Tip 2.

To be comfy but still be out with your girls, wear heels with track pants. YES! Heels and sweatpants…its an easy way to look stylish while still half way in your pjs. Or wear your track pants under a dress to not only keep you warm but to but you ahead of the game with this style thing.



Tip 3.

Elevate your basic pieces. If you have jeans and a graphic T-shirt on, jazz it up with a fancy clutch, or some kick ass heels!


Tip 4.

Tuck in the front of your shirt. This will give you that effortlessly chic look i was telling you about earlier!



Tip 5. 

Wear different shades of the same hue, from head to toe! ( Anyone who knows me, knows this is my go to)


Tip 6. 

Layer on mixed prints, and add brighter shades to give it some contrast.


Tip 7. 

Extra long necklaces are back on the rise, and by wearing it across your body you will be ahead of the trends.

Tip 8.

BE EXTRA! ( another one I’m really good at) add fur to the hood of your sweatshirt. Just trust me on this one!


Tip 9. 

Double up on belts. Creating the illusion of a smaller waist. Keep the rest of your outfit on the same color scheme so you don’t send this trend over the edge.


Tip 10.

Add a blazer to your wardrobe if you don’t have one. I could go on and on about styling blazers, but take my word for it, they are great to work with. Dress it down with a skirt and sneakers, or grab your boyfriends blazer, a pair of heels, and a flashy clutch for a perfect night out!




Change up your lip color to give your outfit an entire different vibe!!!!


Don’t forget to # DressResponsibly!!!