Back to Basics; Top 10 Pieces EVERY women should have in her closet!

If you’re like most women, every time you look in your closet, THERE’S NEVER ANYTHING TO WEAR! *rolls eyes* I have a huge walk-in closet, color coordinated and perfectly organized from dresses, to pants, to winter clothes, yet I still have trouble figuring out what to wear.
As I stared at my closet the other day (in hopes a new outfit would appear) I realized the issue is that most of what I have is super trendy. This makes it hard to choose, because either a) I have taken too many pictures in that piece, or b) It’s no longer in trend (though I hang onto it in hopes it will come around again soon).
So I decided to try to narrow it down to at least 10 crucial pieces that I can mix and match for any occasion. Basic pieces meet trendy, trendy meet basic. A little research and a whole pile of clothes later, here’s my shortlist of 10 wardrobe essentials that will make picking out an outfit that much easier.

1) The basic white tee

Whether you layer this crisp shirt under a sweater, put a corset over it, tuck it into a skirt, or let it hang free with a pair of denim cutoffs (my personal favorite) this is THE most versatile piece in your closet.

2) Flats

Flats are equal parts comfy and chic! Use them to dress up your denim — or dress down your dress. A good pair of ballet flats is crucial to a girl’s closet.

3) A blazer

Have an interview? Blazer. Business casual? Blazer and denim. Kinda breezy out? Throw on a blazer. This is the perfect piece to add to any outfit and instantly change up the entire look.

4) Classic black pants

We all have that one pair of black pants that slims our waist and makes our butt look like we put in the extra squats. (The cut is up to you — my fave is high-rise.) Wear them to work with a silk blouse, or wear them out with a vintage tee and some fun heels.

5) Pumps

Although flats are always the go-to for comfort, there’s no escaping the fact that some outfits just require heels. One pair in a neutral hue like black or nude will take you from work straight to happy hour. TIP: Take a cotton swab drenched in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the insides of your pumps to help stretch them out.

6) Dark denim

If you only have one denim piece in your entire closet, make it a dark wash denim! Not only are they SUPER slimming, they also work for a wider range of events than a lighter wash. My favorite dark denim is “Joni” from Top Shop. Stretchy, high-waisted, and reasonably priced.

7) Classic button-up shirt

I personally opt for a white button-up, but the color is up to you. This is perfect for ANY occasion — work, school, dinner date, whatever! TIP: My ULTIMATE classic look is a crisp white button-up, my favorite dark denim and pumps. Throw on a red lip and call it a day.

8) LBD (little black dress, duh)

Talk about a blank canvas! The little black dress is yours for the taking! Jazz it up with some fun accessories, or let it shine on its own; either way you can’t go wrong!

9) Sneakers

Personally, I’d wear sneakers for every occasion if possible! I love the comfort and the sporty chic look they give. They can be worn with a dress, jeans, skirt — the possibilities are endless! Converse are always a go-to for me.

10)Denim Jacket

As you may know, I’m a denim LOVER — so it’s no surprise a denim jacket made the list! But all bias aside, a denim jacket can work with almost anything (and is good for all seasons). Make sure you get one without holes or any type of acid wash to ensure it works with the majority of your closet.