What to Wear to an Office Holiday Party

AHHHH the office holiday party. Office holiday parties can be a tricky event to attend, whether it be your own work party, or attending one as a date, your definitely being judged on your “out of work behavior”. Picking out the right outfit is just the begining. Do you expose a little more of your personality? Do you keep it tamed? Is my hemline too short? Should I be wearing tights with this? Personally I would go with something straddling the line between sophisticated and glamorous, yet extremely comfortable. DressDontGuess has you covered! We included some of our holiday inspiration, that will have you the talk of the office, and ALL for good reason!


Unless your holiday party SPECIFICALLY says “Tacky Sweater party” please refrain from any holiday sweaters PLEASE!!!!!!


If you’re holiday party is more on the casual side of things, all the above are perfect. The skirt dresses things up, match it with a more casual top to give your look the perfect balance.


If your party is a bit more dressy opt for any of the above. Personally i like to wear a jumpsuit, because it it easy to slip on, and instantly chic. Make sure your plunge lines aren’t to deep, and skirts not to short, you still want to remain within the business dress code.


Also just a pro tip: Don’t drink too much, remember this is still a work event with colleges that you must encounter on a daily business.