Is New Years the new Halloween?

New years has always been like Halloween to me. An excuse to get all dressed up, almost in a costume like way. Crazy platform heels, short sequence dress, that bold pink lipstick, all get pulled out for the beginning of a new year. Its the only other night that your wild outfits are appropriate. Unfortunetly the excitement of this can get a little out of control for some of us, and you take the risk of looking more hot mess than hot. This year, make sure you stick to your personality and just amp it up a bit. Below we have searched some of our favorite New Years eve looks.

PRO TIP: When wearing something exposing make sure you follow the rule of selective exposure.  Example: if your going to show cleavage, wear a longer bottom, or if your skirt is really short wear a higher neckline. The idea is to highlight one area. Showing too much isn’t very alluring, its all about leaving something up to the imagination.

Casual and Comfy


Flashy and Sparkly


Pro tip: The “cool” girl way to wear sparkles, is to throw an oversized coat over it


Sheer and Short



Velvet and Fur


Make sure, if you are planning on heading to dinner to make your reservations NOW!! New Years Eve is one of the biggest party nights and you wouldn’t want to be stuck without eating (especially with all that champagne). And most importantly DONT DRINK AND DRIVE! #DressResponsibly xoxo