Online Shoppers, grab your wine!!!

Online shopping is becoming more and more of a threat to brick and motor stores, as the internet is becoming one of the most important components of our daily lives (The average person spends 2 hours per day on social platforms alone). I used to really be opposed to online shopping. I’m a very hands on person so touching the fabric and actually being able to try on the clothes before purchase was always the reason I chose old school ways of shopping. It wasn’t until I asked one of my girlfriends where she got her jeans from, that I started looking into it. She told me they were exclusively sold online, and if I didn’t like my order the company made it super convent to send it back in the envelope they provided and make an exchange. So I decided to give it a shot, and it changed my life forever (hahah). No, but seriously, not only were these jeans AMAZING, but they got to me in less than a week and they actually fit true to size. They were perfect! So I decided to give a couple online retailers a chance, some came through while others fell flat. So pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready to experience shopping in a whole new way, as I give you the inside scoop on some of my favorite online retailers.

Naked Wardrobe

Personally this is one of my favorite for basic pieces. I have ordered a couple different body suits, and a duster, and all of the quality was great. Stretchy material, and pretty on point with their sizing scale. They are reasonably priced, and on trend. The website is easy to navigate, and the look books are great for inspiring outfit creativity. Packaging is well presented, and a tracking number for your order, with updates on when you should be expecting your order. Naked Wardrobe is a Yes for me.

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I have order twice form Missguided, a dressy top, and a sweat pant outfit. Both fit pretty true to size, and the material was good quality. Personally for me the website is a little harder to navigate, but its only because they have so much merchandise. What I LOVE about the site is the stats of the model. The picture of the merchandise has not only a description of the fabric and quality, but also how tall the model in the picture is, and what size she is wearing. This helps me to figure out what size I would need in comparison to her. If you have a couple hours to go through all the merchandise, or are looking for something specific, Misguided is your site.
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Fashion Nova

Looking for jeans that hug your curves in all the right places? YUP!! Fashion Nova is your spot! (this is the amazing jeans I was talking about earlier) Fashion Nova is the Forever 21 of the internet world. Tons of fast fashion, at affordable prices. Quality is okay, I wouldn’t go buying pieces that you want to last forever but if your okay with Forever 21, Fashion Nova is a step above. Clothes fit true to size, and returns can be made simple, by returning in the package given to you with your order. Fashion Nova is your one stop shop for your girls night out or date night you have been planning.

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Pretty Little things has tons to offer. Collections done with celebrities, and a lot of merchandise to search through. The brand is always on trend, and the site is easy to navigate. My only suggestion is if you have to order something for a special occasion, make sure you do so WAY ahead of time. I have ordered from this site a couple times and only once was my item delivered when expected it to be there. The customer service wasn’t as quick to respond as I would have liked, being I was ordering the outfit for a special occasion (hence the warning) I was in a frenzy trying to make sure my outfit arrived in time. So, if you don’t have a time table and are just casually shopping Pretty Little Things is a great site to check out!

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I LOVE HAUTELOOK. Its a members only shopping site, with offers for limited time sales. Hautelook is an online retailer for women, men, and kids. Hautelook is owned by Nordstrom, so the company gets luxury brands for up to 75% off. Quality is a requirement, not a gamble when it comes to Hautelook. One of the biggest perks, is In-store and mail returns. Any Nordstrom store can take your returns or exchanges!!! The customer service is phenomenal, very accommodating, and they definitely stand behind the “customer is always right” commandment. The site is extremely easy to navigate, and free shipping to orders over $100.

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