Meet Javier. Dallas’s best kept secret.

Around Dallas (and Texas in general) there are tons of different Mexican restaurants to choose from. This is definitely a perk for me since I’m obsessed with the cuisine, but Javier’s was the first upscale Mexican restaurant I have been to since I moved here. It was PHENOMENAL. I went as my best friend’s date for a large birthday party (30 people).When she told me to dress up, I was a bit surprised, because I’ve always thought of Mexican as being a more laid-back type of environment — but I’ll never turn down an excuse to get dolled up, so I opted for an all black two-piece pant set with black platforms.

We pulled up to valet and there were two different entrances, one to a cigar lounge and one for main dining. As soon as we walked in, I felt like I’d been transported to Mexico City. Our large party was placed in a back room, so I got a small tour of the rather large restaurant – it was rustic, masculine and dimly lit, setting the tone for an incredible dining experience.


As soon as we sat, our waiter was promptly behind me taking my drink order and filling my water glass. If you do nothing else, make sure you order the cucumber martini!!!! It was DIVINE! Muddled cucumber, vodka, with a tajin rim. While we waited for the rest of the party to show up, we put in some appetizers. I got the chicken tortilla soup and the cheese panela (which I have never had but was highly recommended). These two items really set the bar for what I was to expect with my dinner. I ordered the Puntas Rancheras, and OH MY GOODNESS! Spicy tenderloin tips sautéed in a tomato and baked serrano pepper sauce and fresh garlic with rice and beans. My date and I shared the dish and they nicely split it for us. At this point I was a bit too stuffed to have any type of dessert, although it all looked tasty.


At the end of the night, I was wondering how they planned on splitting this rather large party up, and the waiter refused to do so. He basically dropped the check in the middle and had us figure it out (which should have been addressed in the beginning). Luckily we were satisfied with our overall experience no one made a huge deal out of it. All in all, I can see why this restaurant has been around since 1977. Most definitely will be back to celebrate, or just to indulge in more of those amazing cucumber martinis. Just remember to DRESSRESPONSIBLY otherwise you’ll be eating down the street at the local taqueria!