Make the Airport Your Runway

I started out traveling a lot as a child. My mom traveled a lot for work and my sister and I would tag along all the time. I always admired the women in the airport and how chic and well put together a lot of them were. Were they meeting a loved one? Going on a business trip? Going on a vacation? I would play this guessing game all the time, and make up stories for each woman. It quickly became a game for me. Fast forward 20 years, and i still appreciate great style in an airport. So much culture and diversity, so many people sad, happy,excited, all reflective with their style of dress. While comfort is ALWAYS important it is most definitely crucial while sitting for how ever many hours with complete strangers sitting next to you. So thats where airport style becomes a thing. Comfort + Style = Airport style. Below I have included many different styles of dress that some of our favorite celebs rock when traveling. Plus you never know who you may end up sitting next too….


“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is you’re runway….”