Pink & Red is the new Black & White

While I like to think of myself as SUPER girly, I have never been a big fan of the color pink, BUT this 2018 Spring trend has really got me hooked. Pink and red is the spring’s new black and white.

If you’re anything like me, and never really gave pink a fair shot, your probably wondering how you can incorporate some of this trend into your wardrobe. Well, just like any other hot color, use pink to be your statement piece with your look. To play into the pink and red trend, simply color block your outfits, and enhance them with accessories such as funky glasses, jewelry, handbags, ect. Also a MAJOR YES to monochromatic looks featuring different shades of pink such as nude, fuchsia, baby pink, ect. (anyone who knows me, I am the QUEEN of monochromatic looks).

So have you crossed over to the pink side? Check out of some of my favorite styled looks.


**This is a quick way to try out the P&R trend, starting with your shoes and building your outfit from there.

This is a more advanced level of this trend, but an easy way to keep this outfit from looking too cartoony, stay away from prints and keep a simple silhouette.

Instead of being traditional by throwing a denim jacket over your dress, spice things up with red, and look instantly trendy.

If you want the focus of your outfit to be pink, throw some reds in discreetly, with shoes and earnings.