Veggie chic MEETS meat lovin’ Dallas

Do you know how hard it is to give up meat in Dallas, Texas? Let me tell you, it is not sunshine and rainbows. Living in a city that is known for their brisket and other assorted cuts of meats, temptation is all around, ESPECIALLY when you want a dining-out experience.

I gave up most meat for 45 days (still ate fish), and tried to eat at home the entire time. But, social being that I am, I couldn’t resist dinner with a girlfriend to this “newer” place that just opened up not to far from my house, Sachet. I’d been interested in Sachet because I LOVE their other concept, Gemma (click the link for their review) and when I found out it was going to be a Mediterranean tapas restaurant, I was over the moon excited!!!

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly host and swiftly guided to our table. Giant glass walls allow light to pour through the establishment, creating a bright and breezy kind of vibe. A floor-to-ceiling wine cellar, also made entirely of glass, is the focal point of the dining room. As soon as we sat down our waiter promptly greeted us. With that impressive display of wine, of course we had to order a bottle. Our waiter sent over the sommelier, who helped up pick a dry rose that was FABULOUS and paired so well with everything we ate.

Our server had extensive knowledge of the menu, and guided us on how we should order. We started with the meze (which means appetizers) where guests can order 3 for $14 or five for $21. If you didn’t hear anything I said before this, listen closely now… make sure you order the Syrian red lentil puree!!! OMG!!! We also ordered the charred octopus (which I couldn’t eat but my friend said was extremely flavorful) the rigatoni served with a jalapeño pesto and last but certainly not least, the grilled Branzino with a lemon vinaigrette.


Sachet really offers a great ambiance – so much that even after we finished eating, we sat around picking at food and finishing our wine, and the servers didn’t rush our experience one bit. Matter of fact, our server heard it was my girlfriend’s birthday and they brought us out two glasses of champagne and a fried donut dessert that really just set our experience over the edge!!!

I’m determined to keep going back to Sachet until I’ve tried all the items on the menu. Definitely the spot to go for good food, good drinks, and an atmosphere that will keep you lingering for hours. Sachet is a breath of fresh air from Dallas’s meat-and-potatoes-inspired dining scene.

I would opt for something in between dressy and casual when dining at sachet, although if you do plan to go there for a celebration then by all means bust out that little black dress!!! Most importantly have fun and #DressResponsibly