Lebanese food is NOT Mediterranean

Located in the heart of Deep Ellum, I have walked past this place at least a hundred times, with people sitting outside smoking hookah upon marble tables, tapas, drinks, and loud dance music, Zatar has definitely been on my list of places to go for a while. The atmosphere upon walking in, is chic and airy, with floor to ceiling curtains, clay pots hanging on the wall, and a mix of booths and tables throughout, greeted by a smiling host we were definitely excited about our dinner choice! We came around 7:30/8pm and there weren’t too many people, but got a little busier as the time went by. A good mix between couples, and families, the restaurant has two separate parts, the outside which is still enclosed with large open windows, is where the hookah takes place, where as the dining room was a bit more formal.

Zatar is not your typical “Mediterranean” food, in fact it is Lebanese tapas. Our server helped us pick a bottle of wine, which featured a ton of different Lebanses blends, but we opted for a Argentinian Malbec which was delicious and reasonably priced. ($42) We started with the stuffed grapes leaves ($10) and the Moujadara ($8) which are golf-ball sized balls of mashed lentils and caramelized onions, deep fried and served with a yogurt sauce. (MY FAVORITE THING ON THE MENU) We also ordered the Zatar garlic french fries($7) (not bad but least favorite on the menu) lamb mac and cheese ($16), which I would definitely suggest to share because of how rich the flavor is. Unfortunately we were too stuffed for dessert, but have plans to go back and grab a hookah and the chocolate halva cake which layers chocolate mousse with halva, which is a sugary sesame paste.


I went dressed pretty casual, in denim shorts and a crop top, while I didn’t feel to uncomfortable because of the area Zatar is located in, the esthetic of the restaurant definitely will incline me to throw some heels on with my denim next time around. Dont forget to #DressResponsibly