Summer Solstice = Bikini Shopping

Summer body ready or not, we are officially fully submerged in summer.
(in case the 100 degree weather wasn’t enough of an indicator) Plans have officially changed to revolve around the sun (literally), roof top pool parties, and the nearest body of water! I’ll be honest with you, summer gets me a bit salty because I’m not home in Miami, walking distance from the beach, but I have found that pool parties are on and poppin’! So, before you head out and go bikini shopping, check out some of our favorite sites to get bikinis and what fits what occasion. (because, I hope you know theres a difference between a pool party bathing suit, and one you in tan in)

And if ya don’t know……now ya know!


Okay, so you’ve seen their ad’s all over Instagram for these ridiculously cute and ridiculously inexpensive bikinis, well we took the liberty of ordering half the site ( kidding, but not really) and Zaful definitely gives you a bang for your buck. Definitely go up one size bigger than you normally would and you will be good to go!


Naked Wardrobe

We are HUGE fans of naked wardrobe. Their packaging, customer service, and true to size fit is what keeps us coming back. Now with the launch of their new swimsuit line, we have even more reason to shop with one of our favorite online retailers.



The Revolve brand in general is HUGE! We are definitely huge fans of their swimwear, while, it is a little more pricey than the other two we listed, the quality and customer service isn’t lacking.


Montce Swim

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Its hard not to love a site that is specifically designed for this time of year. Great quality, and even better suits. Montce swim not only has the cutest swimsuits, but THE cutest accessories, and coverups to match.