Pan-Asian lounge vibes is what Alice is serving, and we want seconds!

I was a bit salty when I saw that this new “Alice place” had replaced one of my FAVORITE restaurants Joyce & Gigi’s, but so many of my friends were raving about the place that I of course had to see what all the hype was about. The small 50 seat restaurant has been completely revamped, creating a modern upscale yet cozy look, think China town New York, meets Miami vice. When we walked in, I didn’t not expect the lively vibes I got, and I was happily surprised. A live Dj playing throwbacks from the 80’s and 90’s, and a full bar, it was the perfect vibes for our Friday girls night out.


We opted to sit at the bar, since we were late meeting some friends who had already dined. The wine and cocktail menu was smaller than a lot of restaurants, but it definitely was quality over quantity which is always okay with me. Cocktails included a lychee martini, yuzu gimlet with green tea syrup and a frozen pina colada that replaces rum with gin with a little bit of sake into the mix. There was about five reds and five whites, all of which were very diverse for such a small selection. The food menu was just as brief but not short of any of my pan-Asian favorites. A lot of share plates (which Im always excited about) with dishes such as spring rolls, shumai dumplings, and my personal favorite, bao buns filled with red braised brisket served with pickled veggies.. We started with the bao buns, which came with 3 and our waitress added an extra one for us so it would be even, and we were so glad she did because we definitely were going to fight over that last one!!! For my entire I ordered the salmon which was prepared with a soy glaze and a cauliflower edamame wasabi puree that was to die for!


I would definitely dress to impress at Alice.  Its not just for dinner, its a lounge after the kitchen closes so you definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing jeans and sneakers. I wore long dress pants, and a tube top  and Lauren (my best friend, duh) wore something similar. The moody atmosphere certainitly callas for more upscale vibes, so make sure you #DressResponsibly