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New years has always been like Halloween to me. An excuse to get all dressed up, almost in a costume […]


AHHHH the office holiday party. Office holiday parties can be a tricky event to attend, whether it be your own […]


Its that time of year again people, Basel time! Gear up for the A-list parties, art exhibits galore, and of […]


What exactly is the definition of upper-end casual? Moxie’s. When I first read their description (to figure out what to […]


If you’re like most women, every time you look in your closet, THERE’S NEVER ANYTHING TO WEAR! *rolls eyes* I […]


Okay, so I’m originally from Florida, where seafood is always the first option. We get some of the freshest fish […]


Halloween comes once a year, so its no surprise that you seem lost when trying to come up with a […]


Ever look at your favorite blogger, or Kim K and see how her jacket is perfectly cascading off her shoulders? […]


Every time I look up there is a new spot popping up here in Dallas. New bar, new club,and (particularly […]


Before you go and say “orange is not my color”,or “ I look like a pumpkin”, give the color the […]