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Currently sitting at my computer trying to figure out my next blog post, and I get distracted and get on […]


Have you ever walked up to a place, taken one good look at the outside and immediately turn around without […]


An important key to self confidence is preparation. Stay ready so you never have to get ready. Well, DDG is […]


With so many options of where to dine in Dallas, deciding on where to eat even for the most casual […]


The Resort Collection is one of my favorite fashion collections (a close second to Fall/Winter). Before moving to Dallas, Resort […]


If you read my blogs, you by now see a recurring theme with the city of Dallas. DINNING AND DRINKING! […]


The term GASTROPUB is not really that inciting to me if we’re being completely honest (I automatically want to associate […]


It’s that time of the year where your fridge has more save the dates and shower invitations on it then […]


Not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day, ( which isn’t until September) Cinco de Mayo marks the day the […]


When it comes to opening an original concept restaurant in Dallas, you really have to come with it! With a […]