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Halloween comes once a year, so its no surprise that you seem lost when trying to come up with a […]


Ever look at your favorite blogger, or Kim K and see how her jacket is perfectly cascading off her shoulders? […]


Every time I look up there is a new spot popping up here in Dallas. New bar, new club,and (particularly […]


Before you go and say “orange is not my color”,or “ I look like a pumpkin”, give the color the […]


History has a tendency to repeat itself, and its no exception for the fashion world. When Hollywood’s golden couple took […]


The big rotating “ball” in the middle of the Dallas Sky line, not only has a name but it has […]


  If you suffer from anxiety, I’m sure you have had someone tell you to “just get over it”. Anxiety […]


Currently sitting at my computer trying to figure out my next blog post, and I get distracted and get on […]


Have you ever walked up to a place, taken one good look at the outside and immediately turn around without […]


An important key to self confidence is preparation. Stay ready so you never have to get ready. Well, DDG is […]